Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Power of a Word

Let's say you want to recommend a book to someone, but you are a horrible person and don't read. That's okay! All you need is the one giant word emblazoned on the book's cover, and you'll know exactly who to recommend it to.

Moving: People who watch Oprah
Poignant: People who watch the news
Thought-Provoking: Middle-aged men with dens and heavy eyebrows
Visceral: The hipster you want to impress
Dazzling: Women who wear red lipstick
Thrilling: People who don’t read
Fun: Other people who don’t read
Titillating: People who read too much
Quirky: Internet nerds
Ground-breaking: People who pay their bills on time.
Awesome: Everyone
Presh!: No one

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