Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Outside PR Cover Letter

I am writing in this blog for the first time in years because I went to apply for my dream job-- a social media coordinator for a fitness organization-- and they recommended applying via blog. As a general policy, if somebody I'm desperately trying to impress makes a recommendation, I take it. Hence, my cover letter:
Dear Sir or Madam,
Thank you so much for taking the time to review my application. My name is Colette Des Georges, and I will be graduating from Lewis and Clark College this December. Like every idealistic new graduate, I am looking for a career that I can devote myself to. I chose to apply to Outside PR because it combines two of my greatest passions-- social networking and fitness and because it seems to match perfectly with my set of skills. As an english major I am (hopefully) more than capable of expressing myself interestingly and articulately. I have experience working with social media professionally, running the facebook page for a nationally rank cancer center, and I have extensive personal experience as well. I have a personal Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account (as well as this now-defunct blog, which actually had several entries picked up by other websites.) I have written for online magazines, including one fitness one, and I am a contributing member of sites like Buzz Feed and Reddit. I also happen to run every day and hike on the weekends. I would really love the chance to interview for the position, and will be returning to California on December 20th. I will be available by phone or email until then. Again, thank you so much for your consideration.
Sincerely, Colette Des Georges

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