Saturday, February 26, 2011

Which Celeb Personifies Each Focus?

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the different aspects of a novel you could focus on. I decided to make a list of celebrities that I think personify each type of focus.

Plot - Who else deserves this honor but the magnificent miss Lindsey Lohan? This girl's life is all about the storyline. You think she's a cute Disney kid, then BAM sex symbol. You accept that and then BAM coke addiction BAM arrest BAM rehab BAM sex tapes BAM lesbianism BAM manicured obsenities on her fingers. I think I'd like to see her next be a foray into religious zealotry. Or, you know,just more crazy.

Character- Gaga; the woman who makes the concept of a public persona into an art

Setting - Hugh Heffner. The Mansion is a world all to itself. A world where voluptuous blondes wander around like housecats and police officer costumes and french maid uniforms are standard attire. Regular activities include naked cupcake baking and trampoline pillowfights. There's a reason Heff fascinates people enough to have a successful reality show, and it isn't his business prowess.

Idea- Tom Cruise. In a feat of extraordinary bizarreness, Cruise has managed to undermine his legendary acting career and good looks in order to make his name synonymous with an obscure religion the believes in aliens. There you go.

Context- Why is Susan Boyle famous? She's talented, yes, and her story is nice... she went on a talent show and then got famous. But the real delight is that shes a middle-aged popstar with five cats and a unibrow.

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